Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dress up!

Ava and Lucas can change their outfits at lightning speed!
Only a few moments ago Ava was dressed as a princess with a crown
on her head; now she’s disguised herself as a cat. Lucas had just been
decked out togo and get some exercise; now he’s in his Batman costume.
Cut-out dolls were once a standard feature in any playroom.
But because the dolls themselves as well as their clothes were made
of paper, they never lasted long. Ava and Lucas are different.
Because they are magnetic and wear magnetic garments, kids can simply
stick any outfit of their choosing onto the doll base.
They can change the dolls’ clothes quickly with no damage done. 
Although they are each available separately as an A4 format magnet set,
buying them as a pair will give kids even more options for swapping
clothes around in different combinations.

Published by: Kleine Gestalten / Little Gestalten 2014

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